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You’re not in Visalia? Not a a problem.

So long as you are in California or require legal services for a California Transaction, we offer an Online or Distance Legal Services Option.

We have many clients throughout California. Many of them never come to our Visalia office. Many of our clients are not in Tulare County at all. Yet, we represent such clients very well pursuant to the ‘Online or Distance Option’.

The Online or Distance Option

The Online or Distance Option means that you can retain us without having to come to our offices, in person either for the initial consultation or thereafter, at your option, and  if the circumstances permit.  In many cases, the client can retain us and we can represent them and perform services for them  without them  ever having to come to Visalia at all.

Once you retain us, we can render legal services to you or on your behalf by telephone, mail, Internet, email or fax. This is particularly  true for tax problems you may have, but also works very well for Business and Real Estate Transactions services such as the preparation of legal documents,  Estate Planning or Tax opinions.

Since so much communication and work is done electronically nowadays, there is often little or no reason for face to face meetings, whether between us by clients who are out of the area, or for us in dealing with the taxing agencies, other parties or other attorneys.

Virtually all legal services short of in court appearances (and even that is changing) can be accomplished very well and as effectively by electronic means (online, email, fax, telephone, etc) or by the mail.

What this means to our out of the area clients

What this means  is that you can engage our cutting edge, sophisticated advocacy and history of successes (Legal services since 1980) without having to come to our Visalia offices at any time. It also means that you will pay Visalia area hourly legal rates (which are much lower in nearly all cases) instead of Bay area, Los Angeles or even Fresno rates (which in virtually all cases, are much higher). We offer the same (some say much better) quality services for lower fees, and therefore better value.

How to schedule an online or telephone consultation

If you wish to have an online or telephone consultation, the following is our protocol:

  • Call the office at 559-733-8505 and speak to my receptionist or email me at online
  • Tell us your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Tell us how you found us ie internet, yellow pages, personal referral
  • Describe what legal services you wish, your questions, issue or problem
  • Ask for a consultation
  • If you email us, someone from our office will contact you

Contact us and give us a try

Is Fresno, Bakersfield, Madera, Kings County, Porterville, Delano, King City, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo or even further where you do business or where you live? No problem. You do not have to come to  Visalia at all, ever.

Contact us by telephone.  Tell us what your legal or tax matter is about. Then, set up an initial consultation by telephone conference.  We will discuss with you the arrangement for our online or distance representation of you.

Obtain our expert services, comparable to those in the largest metropolitan areas of California, but at Visalia rates. Then, let us give you quality services.

By the way, even our Fresno and Fresno area clients get our favorable Visalia hourly rates.

Why not see what we can do for you?

Contact us at 559-737-8100 (Fresno) or 559-733-8505 (Visalia) or email us at online to see how you may obtain this better value and services, pursuant to the Online or Distance Option.

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